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Charter guests are paying about 0k – 0k per week.

That food better be awesome and those cabins perfect.

The rest may differ depending on what area you’re wanting to go into (see “Crew Positions” below) As a deckhand, a tender course is handy, as an engineer your AEC or MEOL and as a stew or chef do something in that line.

There are tons of kids just like you who also want to get that job.Owners / guests of sail yachts are generally more relaxed and are there for the journey or experience of sailing. As crew you get a lot more slack, can generally use the equipment when the owner is not there and you’ll interact with the guests in a less formal way.(Things like the chef making sandwiches for lunch as the boats heeling while you sail, come to mind.) With motoryachts, the owner / guest is there for the destination. They generally don’t interact with the crew and the level of service (read: stress) is a lot higher.I had extensive racing experience before I left and worked up from the deck to an engineers role on private sailing yachts.I’ve put a very brief summary of my relevant experience at the bottom.

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