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Had her partner known his true status, she wonders if her story would have been different.These kinds of stories come out in anguished postings on internet forums and in dozens of confused calls to the UW lab each week, where research coordinator Matt Seymour says some desperate patients call over and over again, unable to get the answers they need from their doctors.That was the experience of Bryan, a 40-year-old man who lives in Indiana, who wrongly believed he had herpes for about two months in 2011.The misunderstanding actually put him at higher risk, he said: During those months he considered joining the hundreds of thousands of Americans on dating sites for herpes-positive people.The cutoff for a positive result on the Herpe Select test, manufactured by Quest Diagnostics, is 1.1.

“We don’t have a good test that’s inexpensive, high throughput, and reliable.” No good data exist on how often patients with questionable positive results are actually re-tested.

erpes is a lifelong infection, but Lauren had it only for six tumultuous months.

Or rather, she believed she did, after a request for sexually transmitted disease testing returned a positive result.

“I think most clinicians are unaware and perhaps labs don’t have this available and/or it is not straightforward to order,” Johnston said of second-step tests.

But while her facility’s Western blot is considered highly accurate, it is expensive and cumbersome to perform.

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