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The package costed an estimated million to million, with films including such box office hits as Dead Poets Society, Good Morning, Vietnam and Three Men and a Baby.The tradition of game show reruns continued into the 1990s with the ,000 and 0,000 Pyramids, the early 1990s revivals of The Joker's Wild and Tic-Tac-Dough as well as other well-known shows such as Scrabble, Sale of the Century, Talk About and Caesars Challenge.Overnights consisted of old low-budget films and film shorts, and music as part of a show called Night Flight.Between 19, USA began shifting away from sports programming, and began focusing on general entertainment programs not found on broadcast stations, including some less common network drama series and cartoons.

USA was the first basic cable channel to pre-empt the syndicated TV market by purchasing a package of 26 films from the Touchstone Pictures library in October 1989.

More shows were progressively added soon afterward such as The Joker's Wild, Tic-Tac-Dough, Press Your Luck, High Rollers and Hollywood Squares (with John Davidson), along with Wipeout, Face the Music and Name That Tune.

In June 1987, the channel debuted another original game show, Bumper Stumpers (all four USA original game shows in this era were taped in Canada).

The channel was one of the first national cable television channels, utilizing satellite delivery as opposed to microwave relay (which was then the norm in the industry) to distribute its programming to cable systems. That fall, USA began signing on at noon Eastern Time on weekdays; it also added some talk shows and a children's program called Calliope to its schedule. Eastern Time weekdays, and aired all day on weekends. The three partners had a non-compete clause that would prevent them from owning other basic cable networks independently from the USA joint venture. to drop out of the venture in 1987, as the company attempted to buy CNN from Ted Turner and run it independently from USA.

Initially, the network ran a mix of college and less well-known professional sports, similar to those found during the early years of ESPN. In the fall of 1981, USA began its daily programming at a.m. MCA and Paramount subsequently became the sole owners of the channel (with each company owning a 50% interest). The channel began running a mix of 1960s and 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoons each weekday evening from to p.m.

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