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But I can remember how I reacted when I was 12 years old, and one of my friends in school was telling me about a movie that he saw on HBO.

He said in this movie a girl was stripped naked and tied to the bed and raped.

---------- Yik Yakker wrote: If there was a vid that you really, really wanted and there was only one copy left on the planet and someone was selling it for 5, would you buy it? For that kind of money, I would demand a custom video lasting for hours, featuring at least 10 of my favorite actresses, and starring me as the villain :-) Looking forward to the "Ginger" review. So how old were you when you knew you liked the Gimp stuff?

It's difficult for me to remember the exact age when I felt the first stirrings in my groin whenever I saw a women in peril.

An interesting thing about Margaux Hemingway in Lipstick is that before doing this movie she had been a successful model and did many cosmetics ads, so there was a real tie-in between the movie role and her professional life.

What I found hot about that rape scene is that this was no ordinary actress, but a well-known face with a famous name.

As luck would have it, Raffish has the abduction scene from the movie available this week.

---------- Dangerous Dave: "Lipstick" was one of the early surprises for me.Oh, and the box for "The Abductors" you described was the same one that I saw.I think the box was mostly yellow with the carry-out-of-the motel pic in the middle?I didn't want him to think I was weird or something.Well you can rest assured that I got him to tell me every detail and what was the title of this movie, you might ask?

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