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Chautanque County Officers, «• 406 Chemung Coutttf Officers. 33 Progressive Population, * * • 33 County Officers, 337 Courts, 333 Cammon Pleas, 894 . 217 Cusiom-Hoose, New-York, 223 ("uftoms, Collectors, &c., 494 DAMAGES on Bills ol Exchange. 274 New-York State, 364 the several SUtes, 309 Delaware and Hudson Canal, 239 County Officers. ^•'t««'ary Aaaoelntion, •.• 891 Harlem Rai Uro Hd, 346 Hartwick Tbeoiogical Seminary, 995 Havre rackets , 387 Brrkimer County Officers, 49/ Historical Smpanies, 910 Society, — 809 Maryland, Htatisties of,—-" ••..••• 99 Massaohosetts, fi Statistlev of, g^ Masters and Examiners hi Chansery, 990 Digitized by Google xu nnmx. 4BS Mechanicft' Institute, 191 and Tradesmeo't Soci«tf, Sib Medical Instkutionsi 38 Mereantile Library Astociatlon, S19 Bferebanca' Exchnii Ke Companji 92A Miehis:ao, Statistics of, 97 Mililarj Acndemj, West Point, 603 Militia of the Stale.

• 407 Chenango County Officers, 406 Citiesin ihe Statc, ** in the Hniied States, 16 City of Nevr-Tork, Aims-House, 276 Arrivals at, 36S Banks, 198 Com. Bopl'n,-- 46 Custom House, ••• SS6 Crim'l Statistics,* 377 Debt, 274 Elections in, 86 Finances, 274 Oen. 229 Deaf and Dumb Institutions, 840 No of Persons, 37 Debt of Cities in the State. 412 State, Statistics of, ft Deputy Superint'dts of Com. 870 Uttired Slates, 608 MIH Tax, Staleme Dt of, 67 Miaisters, United Slates, 400 Mint of tbe United States, 494 Miscellaneous Compjinies, 233 Societies, 828 Mississippi, Statistics of, 26 Missouri, Statistics of, a?

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you.

Indeed, this second edition of the Register, in the labor and expense bestowed upon it, has come fully up with the first edition, and exceeds it in the extent, variety and value of its contents. I^ Official Election Returns from each County and Town in the State, for I840-42, 69-102 List of Chartered and Free Banks, showing original capital, he,, 166-1® List of the principal places on the Canals^ with the Distances from each other, 2O1--203 Tariff of Duties on articles imported into the United States, now in force, 313-31^ Extract from a Treatj to settle and define the Boundaries between t JK Territories of the United Sutes and the Possessions of Her Brittai Mmmi9sioners of Deeds, residing out of the State, 481 City Officers, 483 Elcc Uon Returns lor Mayor, 1845, 487 NATIONAL REGISTER. Hal L Brownville, Jefferson CO., Jo An K, j Sdams, in place of J.

After having labored thus faithfully to promote the convenience of pro- fessional and business men, and to meet the wants and wishes of all who hare occasion to inquire into the condition of the commonwealth and its various institutions, or to note the progress of public affairs, if the pub- lisher and editor shall find their labors fairly appreciated, and the patron- age of their work equal to their efforts to deserve it, they will not only be satisfied with present results, but stimulated to new efforts to continue the publication, and to avail themselves of every suggestion furnished by in- creasing experience, to improve both its form and substance, till nothing ihrther in that respect shall be left to desire. Executive Government of the United States, 489 Judicial Department, 498 Twenty-ninth Congress, 500 Military Academy at West Point, 503 Tessels of War of the United States Navy, 504 Commerce and Navigation of the United States, 506 Governois of States and Territories, &c.,.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. 8B139 Bif TBBU) iccorii Bf to act of Confre Mi la the year 1841, l»7, Joan Dmrvaii Bi Xi i tht Cterkf Oflic* of the Dlitriet Cosrt of the Soothera District of Utw-Yo A- MMsmtt yanrrao bt m, va» aiwi— i ll mo Digitized by Vj OOQ IC ^% PREFACE M TOTHX FIRST EDITION OF THE NEW-YORK STATE REGISTER.

Informationi 279 Harbor*Masters," 4% Health Officers, •• 376 Hospital, 276 Inspectors, 438 Insurance Co's ,* 316 Pickets to & from 96 Fort Wardens,*- 4! 2T6 Sratistics 374 University of, ••.•280 Water Comm'rs,- 4S6 CIt II Divisfons of the State, 83 Clerks In State Offices, 366 Clinton C-ounty Officers, 409 Clinton State Prison, • 360 Collectors of the U. Customs, 494 College, Albany Medical, 387 Columbia, 9H0 Genera, 384 Himilinn. Schools, 813 Distances from Albany and Washington, 143 on Rail-road Routes. 233 on Steam^at Routes, 332 Districts, Congressional, 34 Senatorial, 38 Domestic and For. Mohawk and Hudson Kail-road, 245 Money, Value of, • 298 Monroe Coaiily Officers, 429 Montgomery County Officers, 43i Mount Pleasant Siaie Prison, »4« Mutual Insurance Compnaie5|"" 218, 222 NATIONAL Academy of Design, 319 Register, *••• 489 Nary Department, 497 of 'be United States. Thomas' Hall, 9fi Salt Springs, 8W Saratoga County Officers, •• 46J and Seheuectady Rail road, 947 Savings Banks, •• »IJ Schenectady City Officers, 48i Digitized by Vj OOQ IC I OIDSX. , 468 and Troy Knilroad,-*- 347 Schoharie Conni j Officers, 469 Scientific Instiiulions, 317 Sc^ols. 806 Seamen's Fund and Retreat, 839 Seats of Government, &c of the Sevet Point Military Academy, 603 Wyoming County Officers, 479 YATES County Officers, 480 Young Men's Association in Albany, 899 ia Buffiilo,.

Missionary Soc'y, 8V Dm chess County Officers, 413 Duties, Aueiion, 233 Digitized by Google ni Mz. IF8E8 f B 1S49, 6 in 1846, U Bleetio M, Extract Pro Law re«pecting 118 In the ^e? FEMALE, R«lgers, A libaca and Owego Kall-road, H.. •»• 489 New Brightoa Collegiate School, 2r9 New Hampshire, Statistics of, 19 New-Jersey Rail- roads, 261 Statistics of, 22 Newspapers in the State, I8i New-York and Albany Rail-road, •••• 246 aad Erie, 24i and Harlem, 246 Bible Society, 8a7 City. York,) County Officers, Custom House, Election Returns. — - 894 la Scheaectady, 898 la Troy, 998 in Vli M, ••• Digitized by Google ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.

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