Fernando gonzalez dating updating rogers nokia

The decision-making process wasn’t as easy, however, when it came to the wedding dress.

Conde Fernando Gonzlez, who is recorded as count in Castile from [932] until 970, established the county as a fully autonomous entity and expanded its territorial area southwards.

That initial meeting segued into dating and two years later, Bonfiglio proposed.

“It was the most sincere moment of my life,” explains Gonzalez-Bunster.

My friend knew her, put us in touch, and on a whim, I asked Mary if she would consider making my wedding dress.

To my total surprise, the queen of print agreed to create a print-less wedding dress for the first time ever.” Gonzalez-Bunster and Katrantzou worked on the dress together in her studio for months and the designer actually ended up attending the wedding.

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