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Klättringen led by the Archbishop of Tuam each year.But the amount of visitors -estimated at 40,000 per year -and resulting erosion has caused concern for the safety of both the Catholic Church and local farmers who undertake safety measures.means “Saint Feichin’s narrows”) is a village cross borders County Galway and County Mayo, Ireland.Cong is situated on an island formed by a number of streams that surround it on all sides.Continue reading ) is a limestone lough (lake) of 20,500 acres (83 km²) in County Mayo, Ireland, north of Lough Corrib.Lough Mask is in the middle of the three lakes, which flow into the Corrib River, through Galway, Galway Bay.Carra flows into Lough Mask, which feeds into Lough Corrib through an underground stream that becomes the River Cong .

He was captured and taken to påBallinrobe Oilean-a-lara (Earls Island) where he was killed.

Cong located on the isthmus that connects the Loughs Corrib and Mask, near the cities of Headford and Ballinrobe and byarna Clonbur, The Neale and Cross.

Cong is known for its underground streams that connects Lough Corrib Lough Mask to the north.

According to local legend, a banshee haunting Lead Island, a small island in Lough.

It has also been rumored sightings of a banshee around the shores of Lough and other forms of paranormal activity.

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