Error validating proxy id

An script template is included there = ; // list of paths that will not check authentication/authorization // example: ['/public/*', '/static/css/'] config.public_paths = []; config.magic_key = 'undefined'; module.exports = config; fiware-idm_1 | GET /user?

access_token=7cb25729577c2e01dc337314dcd912ec981dc49b 401 4.445 ms - 116 fiware-idm_1 | Executing (default): SELECT email, 'user' as Source FROM user WHERE email='pep_proxy_edf60435-7de7-4875-85a9-cf68b8838b8c' fiware-idm_1 | UNION ALL fiware-idm_1 | SELECT id, 'pep_proxy' as Source FROM pep_proxy WHERE id='pep_proxy_edf60435-7de7-4875-85a9-cf68b8838b8c'; fiware-idm_1 | Executing (default): SELECT `id`, `password`, `oauth_client_id` FROM `pep_proxy` AS `Pep Proxy` WHERE `Pep Proxy`.`id` = 'pep_proxy_edf60435-7de7-4875-85a9-cf68b8838b8c'; fiware-idm_1 | Executing (default): INSERT INTO `auth_token` (`access_token`,`expires`,`valid`,`pep_proxy_id`) VALUES ('a0d54a6f- 8461-4000-bb80-5fb60193bcb4','2018-05-04 ',true,'pep_proxy_edf60435-7de7-4875-85a9-cf68b8838b8c'); fiware-idm_1 | POST /v3/auth/tokens 201 13.733 ms - 74 parameter.

To check this, run the command: netsh http show urlacl.

If these solutions don't work, run the Install-Web Application Proxy Cmdlet.The admin must make sure that no one binds to the same URLs.Make sure that the certificate thumbprints that are configured for Web Application Proxyapplications are installed on all the Web Application Proxy machines with a private key in the local computer store.I verified that the client Id and client Secret (app Id and app Secret) are valid. In case it is a factor, the web adapter was changed from "arcgis" to "portal", so logging in to Portal and the o Auth path start with @pamrichmond the log File should give you error from the Portal when exchanging token which could be a key information to this issue. 2015-11-13 Matching credentials found in configuration file. 2015-11-13 Exchanging Portal token for Server-specific token for https://myservername... 443 - 26.103 - 200 0 0 323callback=script.jsonp_dojo Io Script1._jsonp Callback 443 - 37.6 HTTP/1.1 Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:42.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/42.0 _ga=GA1.2.351467188.1433864146; __utma=1946916748.351467188.1435164146.1446129528.1446129528.1; __utmz=194696306.1446346528.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none); __utma=88450255.351467188.1433864146.1446061716.1446660452.6; __utmz=88450255.1441288741.3.2.utmcsr=google|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not provided) - Proxy Server 200 0 0 661 871 904token=VJ28Rf Eexve3xevsgw3gsw43gsxdgsszew Mtlgyb Em V_sn K_Qw-uhg V2TXQKtj Yq YIOn IHwfev DGHsdcejdz3zj Ip SQg18Ad T_qo4pzbm Ysegaeh RY6om Q1Ch EQa ZXZKJ2y Bu Unz Gzf Mx4Jd SDfasewrh SEgsf Jz QYmf Be Umu should also give you the token that was generated, you can try appending that token to the request itself, to see if we are getting the same 498 invalid token error. ``` 2015-11-13 https://myservername/arcgis/rest/services/myservice/Map Server? f=json&dpi=96&transparent=true&format=png24 2015-11-13 Sending request! OAuth 2.0 mode: True 2015-11-13 Service is secured by https://myservername/portal/sharing/rest/oauth2/: getting new token... 443 - 26.103 - 200 0 -11-13 252.55 POST /portal/sharing/rest/oauth2/token - 443 - 26.103 - 200 0 -11-13 252.55 GET /portal/sharing/rest/generate Token token=w MAAEBUth G1-qcf W2Wob FWPOy UGknoobhsgeagsaefasceo JUd QEk GIRi Rr P2LMcx3R00RPEsh_h XRCS103z Pxn-XJPA_w Xc NMaser F40v Dm Ufp2u EGhn Yawhbeahae ESseghsef4Zjy Pd CBMn Dmbkp-qg Rkde2dg SEfergga A..token=oxc5g Cxtyo-Bbs QRNJ_d JZPY2mq Sh320R9_Ny QUeshe N9ufh DBpc_4RPWUXZlrc02Xw XEIw AFTLgw-l Oa U9a Misrg Vq3ygsdhsefsa U00a0o CMKGk V6DEq WP823Mow-Ee Hqhd8A3gas34xdv HDWmdz V2Pw UAf Q..

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