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In fact, the Latin root word praedationem means a plundering or taking of booty.In fact, predation described people before it was applied to animals.So predation is the act of being a predator, catching and attacking.The noun predation is most commonly used to talk about groups like pirates or marauders who prey on innocent people.If the rules of selection and combination established in The Rise of the Novel may be adapted to other narrative expressions if they can account for the formal relationships between a cluster of comparable works and fictions that , coexist with, and succeed them--then Watt's study, precisely because of its argumentative concentration, may act as a radiant center, a plotted point from which a network of affiliations may be traced.The transitive sense of moving an event to an earlier point is the proper one for "predate." "Antedate" is the correct term for occurring before something else. establish something as being earlier relative to something else Familiarity information: PREDATE used as a verb is uncommon.Explain: Background process that provides the option of entering the requested changes ("predating") and then automatically executing them with effects on in-force business when when the time model effective date is reached.

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Meaning: Be earlier in time; go back further Classified under: Verbs of being, having, spatial relations Synonyms: antecede; antedate; forego; precede; predate; forgo Context example: Stone tools precede bronze tools Sentence frame: Something ----s something Antonym: postdate (be later in time) Meaning: Come before Classified under: Verbs of being, having, spatial relations Synonyms: predate; precede Context example: Most English adjectives precede the noun they modify Hypernyms (to "predate" is one way to...): lie (be located or situated somewhere; occupy a certain position) Sentence frame: Something ----s something Meaning: Prey on or hunt for Classified under: Verbs of eating and drinking Synonyms: prey; raven; predate Context example: These mammals predate certain eggs Hypernyms (to "predate" is one way to...): forage (wander and feed) Sentence frames: Somebody ----s something Something ----s something Meaning: Establish something as being earlier relative to something else Classified under: Verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.These terms are frequently misused even in educated writing.Pre-dating is the period of time before a couple becomes official.Recordings of the interview are transcribed, summarized, or indexed and then placed in a library or archives.These interviews may be used for research or excerpted in a publication, radio or video documentary, museum exhibition, dramatization or other form of public presentation.

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