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Expect to be questioned about all sorts of sides to your personality, like whether you are an adventurous person or what your five-year plan is.And expect even deeper questions that could expose some of your secret fantasies!"Players have fun while developing their life skills through the game," Massyn said."Viva Dating Game brings the outside real world into the classroom and home.The decision also received complaints that this led away from the business aspect of the show, becoming more of a "reality" programme by inducing "shock firings".

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It is the last series to feature Nick Hewer as Lord Sugar's aide, after he officially announced his decision to depart that year, with Series 8 winner, Ricky Martin, making an appearance as one of the interviewers for the Interviews stage of this series.The first hour was the main show whereas the second hour was You're Hired.Original overnights for the final put the first hour at one million viewers more than the 2-hour average.For example if your partner is on drugs, how does that affect you and your relationship?"And if you are drinking heavily how will that affect your friendships with your family and friends.

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