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Both single-couple and multi-couple formats have been shown to significantly reduce recidivism when compared to no-treatment control groups, with the multi-couple format somewhat more effective (Stith et al., 2004).

The few remaining studies using RAC or quasi-experimental designs found no significant difference between modalities of group versus couples (see Eckhardt et al., 2012). Olympia: Washington State Institute for Public Policy.

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Batterer Intervention Research Findings Most batterer intervention programs are of the psychoeducational variety, based on the Duluth or the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) models, the rest on assorted process/ psychotherapeutic approaches (Price & Rosenbaum, 2009). Anger, aggression, domestic violence and substance abuse. Due to serious mental health or personality issues, some offenders are too disruptive in a group setting and may be required to enroll in individual counseling, but research is inconclusive as to whether individual therapy is superior to group for partner-violent offenders (Murphy & Eckhardt, 2005). With respect to couples work, one RAC study found offenders in couples treatment less likely to re-offend during a follow-up period compared to offenders in a Duluth-type group (Brannen & Rubin, 1996). One important caveat is that all of the interventions targeted only low-moderate risk male offenders. What works to reduce recidivism by somestic violence offenders? Nevertheless, Level I and II experimental studies (Eckhardt et al., 2012) and Level III program reviews (e.g., Geffner et al., 1989; Shupe et al., 1989) have shown the couples format to be as safe for victims as traditional group programs.

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