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I’ve been promised love, marriage, children (natural and adopted), meeting the family and even a house overlooking Lake Victoria! It’s quite usual for your male Ugandan suitor to be: Make your own mind up ladies but don’t believe everything you hear. Experience Uganda with me: cultural (mis)interpretations, expat travel advice, travel and tourism, wildlife and birds, Safari field trips, conservation, East African culture, volunteering and the occasional cross-border bus journey.Enjoy the moment, as that’s probably all it is, despite what they say. As such, local men are over-eager and you should carefully consider their intentions and authenticity before getting serious.Also keep in mind that almost all men in Uganda date several women at once.

This makes local women uncomfortable and creates a barrier between us and them.

It is often said that if you buy something in the market from a man, his money will go toward alcohol, but if you buy from a woman, you know the money is going to the upkeep of her household.

Women are respected in society by men in small ways, such as getting a seat on a minibus when it’s full.

Feminine Hygienic Products Brittany says: Hygienic products are plentiful, but they will not necessarily be the same brands you are used to. They also sell an Indian line called “Himalaya” which is excellent and has a variety of soaps, lotions, shampoos, and toothpastes.

I was also able to find organic/natural soap fairly easily (in a curio shop for tourists).

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