Dating someone who is a quadrepelegic

” Many kinds of adaptive equipment are available, and we can keep you very active in parenting your child.

Most people are afraid to bring up sexual issues with their doctors but are secretly wondering and worried about their sexual future.

The emotional effects relating to sexuality include whether the individual thinks he or she is still loveable and capable of being a good partner. We’ve found that people with disabilities’ sexual-esteem generally lags behind their self-esteem, because of lack of sexuality education and counseling in combination with a lack of images in the media of people with disabilities as sexual beings.

When we deal with an individual’s sexuality, we also have to deal with his or her perception of what’s acceptable, what’s moral based on his faith and religious beliefs, and what’s acceptable to his spiritual beliefs.

Most injured people are not precluded from having children because of their injuries.

The second question often asked is, “If I have a child, how can I care for that child, if I’m in a wheelchair, on crutches or on a walker?

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