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I am building a report which shows a list of users that are out of compliance due to not meeting a training deadline.The queries that show and filter the data have been built and I have verified the correct information is showing in my list. The first item I am working on is a "Hyperlink Button" that will launch an email to the out-of-compliance user.Looking for company to attend the Kinky Geeks bondage workshops!The beginner’s workshop is already in a couple of hours, but maybe we can go to the advanced one too.See Lost and found Lost my Freifunkpulli (Black Hoodie, "Freifunk" written on left side of Chest) at the electric Cube, i suppose.

Overall, 48% of those we surveyed in the 30 metros we analyzed reported positive levels of satisfaction with dating opportunities in their cities, while only 22% gave negative responses.

Across the metros we analyzed, there seem to be better dating opportunities for those with higher levels of education: 53% of those with a Bachelor’s degree or higher rated themselves as satisfied, compared to 45% of those without a Bachelor’s degree.

In Raleigh, for example, those with a college degree were satisfied 79% of the time, whereas only 52% of those without a college degree were satisfied – a 27% difference.

Afterwards, we can continue bonding (no ropes) over coffee if you want.

I‘m also a social scientist in training, speak English and love roller skates.

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