Dating looking up skirt

In less polite society, looking up a lady's skirt or her lifting up the skirt or otherwise exposing her underwear was regarded as bawdy, as in the case of cabaret dances such as the can-can or in the case of entertainment involving the raising of a dancer's dress by her spinning rapidly.By the polite society, such behaviour was widely judged as indecent.

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Upskirt photos are usually taken by a concealed camera attached on the shoe or carried within a bag so it is very hard for a woman to notice that she is being photographed in this manner.

It was supposed just a normal meeting until I realize he’s eyes were mostly staring through that transparent glass table at my thighs.

I purposely un-crossed my legs so that he could see my panty through that triangular gap between my thighs and skirt.

The ethical and legal issue relating to upskirt and downblouse photography is one of a reasonable expectation of privacy, even in a public place.

The term "upskirt" is relatively recent, but the concept and interest therein are not.

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