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The headline is pure clickbait, Purcell undercuts her own argument through statistics that show the frequency of interfaith marriages, and she plays far too fast and loose with Jewish stereotypes, with a particularly cringe-worthy bacon joke in the article’s conclusion.

But it is intellectually lazy to reject her argument as just a scorned woman drawing erroneous conclusions about an entire religion (which she is undeniably doing).

For the record, I am a single, Reform Jew who grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Pittsburgh and currently lives in Washington, D. I’m probably slightly more religious than the Jewish men Purcell described her boyfriends to be (I fast on Yom Kippur).

I want to be clear that my observations, like hers, are purely anecdotal and should not be taken as dogma — something she should have made more explicitly clear in her piece.

First and foremost, Purcell’s piece may be fundamentally misguided, but it is not anti-Semitic.

Judaism maintains that the righteous of all nations have a place in the world to come.

This has been the majority rule since the days of the Talmud.

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