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Himatnagar or Himmatnagar is a municipality in Sabarkantha district in the Indian state of Gujarat.

It is the administrative headquarters of the district. Himatnagar was founded in 1426 by Ahmed Shah I of Gujarat Sultanate and named it Ahmednagar after himself.

At the back of the west cloister is a ladies gallery hidden from sight by carved open stone screens.

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Himatnagar was the largest city and the administrative headquarters of the Dungarpur district, Rajasthan from 1956 to 1960.

When the Rao dynasty took Idar in 1728, Ahmednagar soon fell into their hands.

After the death of Maharaja Shivsing, in 1792, his brother Sangramsing took Ahmednagar and the country around; and, in spite of the efforts of his nephew Gambhirsing, became an independent chief. The later died in 1835, and Erskine, the British Agent, who was in the neighbourhood with a force, moved to Ahmednagar to prevent the queens from becoming satis.

This mosque is said to have been built by Nasar-ul-Mulk, the eldest son of Sultan Ahmed Shah I. It is an oblong hollow or pit about 100 feet broad and 500 feet long.

At the foot of the flight of steps, which form one of the sides of the pit, is a stone basin, filled with water from a perennial spring and with stone cloisters round three of its sides.

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