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On the plus side, a British bloke just needs to say a few words to an American girl and she’s in the bag. “Although Brazilian girls are sexy and fun-loving, they’re a bit obsessed with the pursuit for a big bum and drink beer and wear flip flops all the time." Sun Agony Aunt Deirdre Sanders describes pick-up artists like Richard as "emotionally damaged men" who are a "danger to women".

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You have zero respect.’ ‘I’ve got respect for my mother,’ Richard replied.Without missing a beat, Piers Morgan questioned: ‘You’re a dick aren’t you?’ As gasps rang out on set, he added: ‘I mean you are, your name is Richard.Piers Morgan said what many a viewer may have been thinking when he called out a dating guru live on Good Morning Britain after he said most British women are unattractive and moan all the time.Dating guru Richard La Ruina had been claiming that women in most other countries far outshine that of a British woman, and claimed Russia is the place to find the ‘full package’ of looks, intelligence and elegance.

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