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And you JUST want a place to go where you can hang out with a bunch of OTHER friendly, fun, cool people in the same situation... Meet people Face-To-Face in fun social situations for:• Nights out• Days Out• Pub Crawls• Comedy Nights• Sporting Events• Parties• Picnics• 'Outdoor Pursuits'...The list goes on and on and it will be increasing all the time..In fact, Lauritsen told one psychiatrist after the murder that his grandmother, who he had lived with for several years before the attack on his aunt, was extremely supportive of him.It’s believed he had been upset at being banned from living at his grandmother’s house after the axe incident.

Or you're bored of people not wanting to meet up in person or hang out...'s time to take the plunge and...

It also emerged that during the savage attack on his grandmother, Lauritsen had been blaring out the music of death metal band Slayer.

Lauritsen, who pleaded guilty to wilful murder, was assessed by a range of psychiatrists, but it was found although he had an undiagnosed mental illness, he was not criminally insane.

It ended abruptly when I questioned her manner of speech and the language used in her emails.

All of her emails were the same substance but appeared to be written by different people.

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