Dating before college

“Even students’ parents are telling them: ‘Don’t get caught up in a relationship now; you need to get your career set and on track before you even really start thinking about that,’ ” Cronin says.

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This was significant because my ex hated RPGs – she thought they were the stupidest things ever and couldn’t imagine anyone she dated wanting to play them.

She sees conversations about dating as part of the big questions her classes tackle, such as: If students don’t learn how to date while they’re in college, while surrounded by thousands of peers all in a similar stage in life, Cronin says, it only gets harder to build those skills after graduation.

One skill that comes with practicing asking people out and inevitably experiencing rejection: Learning that your “ego strength” doesn’t come from someone else, Cronin says, citing a Freudian term, but that’s it’s natural to seek that ratification from other people.

All of which are why students are so intrigued and clueless about how to go about this assignment.

So Cronin gives guidelines: The student has to ask in person (“texting is the devil; stop it,” she says in one of her You Tube videos), and the recipient has to know it’s a date.

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