Dating an ugly but nice guy

Additionally, beauty is subjective and people with confident, warm personalities enhance their physical beauty tremendously.

So, take these numbers as rough estimates that are an overall score instead of being solely about physical looks.

The Nice Guy is one of the tactics that annoys me the most because nobody likes it when somebody they have no interest in is constantly hanging around them hoping they'll fall in love. You're no supermodel, but pretty enough to get plenty of attention from men who suddenly all think they have a chance with you unlike the scary, intimidating 9.

But the problem is that all the other average joes think this way too!

Studies also show that on average men tend to be less realistic than women about their attractiveness—often scoring themselves higher than most people would score them.

For both genders someone who is a 7 doesn't want to date anyone less than a 7 and a 4 refuses to date anyone less than a 4.

Be honest—after you've gotten to know her politely ask her out for coffee or something casual and if she says no you have your answer.

Remember that there are about 10–20 other guys who are trying to use this same ineffective strategy on her at the same time.THE FACTS: Studies have shown that no one—neither men nor women—are willing to date someone less attractive than they are.This is the reality regardless of how you feel about it.The only exception is if some Adonis decides to ask me out—then full speed ahead! By "hot" I mean any girl on a scale of 1–10 ranked higher than you.If you're an unkept, overweight guy and are a 4, a "hot girl" is any girl on the scale of 5–10.

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