Dating a recovering alcoholic woman

Kate: I had a really hard time when the wedding was over. And when all of the time that I had invested into it was gone, and then no one is congratulating you for being in love anymore and you are just married, I was kind of sad.

Jeremy: We had to rediscover the relationship a little bit.

I need something." She called a rehab facility and the nurse who answered said, "If he wants to do it, he's got to do it himself," and politely hung up on my mother.

So my mom looked at me and said, "You're on your own.

Her mom told me to leave a message on the home answering machine and I had to ask her what her daughter's name was and she started cracking up.

I didn't want to give it away so before the trip I told her, 'Money is pretty tight right now. It was this vicious cycle that went around and around.

Kate: That was one of the poor choices that we made. But as soon as I saw Kate, I felt something I hadn't felt before, really. It took me six months to call her after I met her and I think my sponsor got sick of hearing about it. At the time, I didn't really think that I was looking for a life partner.

Jeremy: And my solution when everyone was drinking and getting crazy was that I'd get a 12-pack of Henry Weinhard's root beer and I'd just drink the root beers about the same frequency of the people drinking beer and there was never any questions or any pressure. No one was ever like, "Oh, you should drink."And it never bothered or worried you that Kate drank? I was young, fresh out of a relationship, and not looking to dive into another one. Probably sometime in that first winter together, I was getting out of Jeremy's car when he was dropping me off at my dorm and he said, "I love you." I just kind of froze when and then I sat back down and he looked panic-stricken.

I never quite felt comfortable in my own skin though, and I'd act out.

I would get into fights; I had a mouth on me that would get me into trouble too. After getting kicked out of an all-boys Catholic high school in Seattle halfway through my sophomore year, I went to an alternative school, which was in an area where you could get drugs conveniently. I was sleeping on friends' couches and jumping from place to place.

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