Cosmo gives bad dating advice

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When you are dating a person, it is important to make the dates not only successful and memorable, but also impressive.

Don't get me wrong, men can learn a ton from women, but you have to put their advice in the right perspective!Maintain an atmosphere of positivism, light-heartedness and happiness around the date and it shall turn out to be a cherished one.Advice Tips About Men For Women Funniest Blind Date Disasters Ever Few Fun Facts About Dating Tips On Dating For Women 4 Promising Ways To Take You From Dating To A Relationship Everybody likes their partner to have a sense of humor.Hence, be your wittiest best during the date and make sure your partner is enjoying their time.Tell them interesting stories from your past, jokes, riddles – anything will work so long as it successfully causes your date to laugh. Little chivalrous gestures on the part of men, and affectionate ones on the part of women, can go a long way in making the other person feel special and loved, and adding that X factor to the date.

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