Commands updating

If the server appears to start, but uses a high amount of CPU time without using at least 5.5GB of RAM, it hasn't been able to open all the files it needs and the above change should be applied.Tuned is a daemon that monitors the use of system components and dynamically tunes system settings, currently only on RHEL7, Cent OS7.x, and Fedora.

Most modern distributions will use a different interface, it's a good idea to use that instead of direct iptables commands.

Our goal is to provide a large set of libraries that can be used to manage, develop, deploy and analyze your code. Once this set of tools is done, the Angular CLI as it is today will become one of many interfaces available to perform those tasks.

Everything will also be available to third party tools and IDEs.

You may want to adjust the list of ports you need by editing the "for port in..." line.

This script will open the ports in a way that will persist across reboots. /bin/sh if $EUID -ne 0 ; then echo "This must be run as root" exit 1 fi for port in 7777 7778 27015; do ufw allow $port/udp done #Uncomment the next if you want to open the default rcon port #ufw allow 27020/tcp #!


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