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In Miss World, three back-to-back victories have been recorded.Stefanía Fernandez won the Miss Universe 2009 title in which Venezuela earned a Guinness World Records to have the first Miss Universe winner succeeded by her compatriot, Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza.Traditional Chinese painting involves essentially the same techniques as Chinese calligraphy and is done with a brush dipped in black or colored ink; oils are not used.

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We collect the hottest nude photography pics and show them here on - If you rather look for Hot Babes, Naked Girls, Girlfriend Pics or Female Masturbation please visit the respective sites!The Chinese art in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and that of overseas Chinese can also be considered part of Chinese art where it is based in or draws on Chinese heritage and Chinese culture.Early "stone age art" dates back to 10,000 BC, mostly consisting of simple pottery and sculptures.The Philippines currently holds the longest streak of winning at least one title in a year in the Big Four pageant titles with wins in five consecutive years from 2013 to 2017 (Miss World 2013 and Miss International 2013, Miss Earth 2014, Miss Universe 2015 and Miss Earth 2015, Miss International 2016, Miss Earth 2017).Venezuela in 1981 (Miss Universe and Miss World) as well as in 2013 (Miss Universe and Miss Earth), India in 19 (Miss Universe and Miss World), Ecuador in 2011 (Miss International and Miss Earth); and the Philippines in 2013 (Miss World and Miss International) and 2015 (Miss Universe and Miss Earth).

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