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Our live chat rooms have little to no lag time, depending on your Internet speed.You and our other members will be able to talk within a second of typing or speaking your message. Plus, you are speaking to everyone without a delay, which has caused a multitude of confusion in the past.You, along with everyone else, will be able to speak live into your microphone to enjoy a variety of fun and unique conversations.You also have the option to communicate using your webcam as well.

Instant messaging is one of the primary forms of online communication that is simple and easy to use.

While the landscape of online chat has changed dramatically since our start, Free Chat’s core principles remain the same.

Our goal is to provide you with a free online chat service that requires no registration.

It also provides a safe space for you to chat one on one with someone in Free Chat if that is what you prefer.

We offer real-time, online text transmission so you can text with anyone in the world for free rather than building up expensive data charges.

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    Because the most dangerous time for a victim of domestic violence is the period immediately after she leaves her abuser—and because many women take out protective orders against their batterers when they leave an abusive relationship—federal law protects women by prohibiting abusers subject to restraining orders from buying or owning guns. These states are Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Nebraska, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, and Wisconsin. Between the inception of the NICS system in 1998 and April 30, 2014, 108,462 gun sales were federally denied due to a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence conviction, and 46,122 gun sales were federally denied due to restraining or protection orders for domestic violence, making a total of 154,584 federal denials related to domestic violence. Despite their proven record of keeping guns out of domestic abusers’ hands, our laws designed to keep guns out of the hands of domestic violence offenders have several dangerous gaps.

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