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I'm covering in blood from smashing my arm, one of my eyes has turned red cause a stick poked it, I've got a limp, I'm breathing like a dragon with asthma, and I'm covering in leaves and sticks I start yelling his name again and hear a bark in the distance so l take off and after like 5 minutes I spot him. 1 book it towards his dumb ass and practically tackle him, which ended up with me covered in a random assortment of shit. His leash is tied around two trees so 1 unravel it and he pounces on me in relief.

He's salivating like crazy so 1 take him to a stream near by to let him drink Mother fucker pulls me in. At this point now that I'm calming down I realize my boots are now soaking wet with both blood and water.

thought that mother fucker would get caught on a tree due to the lead but nope was I wrong.

Now the woods probably go a mile back before they hit road, and then stretch around s miles horizontally I'm worried this dumb dog is gonna run into the street and get hit, so 1 run the mile to the street (with my very out of shape body. After like r5 minutes of tripping and trying to make my way through this damn jungle, 1 get to the street.

I'd do that later and return it to the guy or whatever So now its like 6am, so its dark, but you can still see, and its dead quiet. So heres me, covered in blood, mud, and barbed wire, limping down the street, no shoes on, with a large dog wearing a jacket, which, from a distance, you cant tell.At this point I still look a human so nothing happens, 1 dont see him anywhere, and I run back to the house cause I've realized I'm in a tank top and boxer shorts with no shoes and its tick season.So I change into a big ass sweatshirt and sweat pants and boots even though its almost go degrees out because 1 do not want to have to deal with ticks.Dogs, Drinking, and Kool Aid: 1 hr Anyone who thought Trump was going to do anything other that roll over to Putin was kidding themselves. So I live in a small neighborhood kinda thing Its honestly shaped likae someone connected two bongs with a straw that leads out to the street, so very tiny and not a lot of people drive through cause its a dead end, and surrounded by woods Anyways, so it's Saturday morning, like 3 am and my sister has taken her behemoth of a dog outside.This piece of human shit just spent the week doing his level best to shake the foundations of western democracy at the behest of the Kremlin. COM Republicans Must Now Choose Between Their Country and Trump Like Reply-17m they will choose trump, cause they cant be wrong at all costs Like Reply 15m Some may come to their senses This should be jarring even for those drinking kool aid from the well. Little background, this dog is a saint bernard, Lab mix, so he big. He's only three and we got him a year ago so he still does stupid shit all the time.

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