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i could call you a nutjob just for jumping to that conclusion.perhaps you should not name call, it realy makes you look pathetic.It's cut from another site that's full of ridiculous claims.) Don't try this one at home, folks, because you'll feel embarrassed if you encounter someone up on their science. So this isn't a fossil, and the word has gotten out to most of the Biblical and Creationist sites (who acknowledge that it's not a fossil.) However, there are a few who persistantly refuse to understand what fossils really are and try to use it as a refutation of geological processes.The "creation science museum" has been caught faking a lot of things, including the "Paluxy Man Track" (a carving of a footprint that they tried to pass off as a real footprint in stone.) Most of the creationists have now distanced themselves from it.In fact a couple years back I found a dog femur fossilized when lake St. Actually, It does take a fairly long amount of time to have something "Fossilized in rock" which is what I think you are getting at. This is gonna turn into one of those threads where all the bible nutjobs come out to play. It can only take a short time to fossilize, sure, but to get set in stone that is millions of years old is a different thing.Thats how they measure the age (partly, anyway) by seeing where it is in the rock layer. s company and concluded that the boot was made in the early 1950's. The rubber-soled boot with petrified cowboy leg, bones and all was found in a dry creek bed near the West Texas town of Iraan, about 1980 by Mr. He recognized the "number 10 stitch pattern" used by his uncle?

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just like when the catholic church tried to surpress gallileio, and the fact that the earth was round.

these findings did not match the "known" truths, therefor they had to be surpressed so others would not be led astray.

good find gothica This comes from one of the stupidest creationist sites around (no, not this one. The stuff around them is a calcite concretion and those things can form quickly.

it is used to try and prove that things have evolved over millions of years.

"see we have these fossles that are part of the evolutionary changes, they must be a few million years old to have been fossilized".

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