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In Manhattan, you can find traditional cholent at the 2nd Avenue Deli.

Dovid’s Kosher, a little stand inside the lobby of 27 William Street/40 Exchange Place, sells Ashkenazi cholent on Fridays for lunch to the Wall Street crowd.

They have a variety of names related to their country of provenance, but because of the fact that they are cooked overnight and eaten on Shabbat day they are all variations of cholent.

Nathan’s (in Arabic it means “buried/covered,” which refers to how the stew was kept warm—buried underground with hot rocks over it), a cholent originally made by Spanish Jews in the 15th century.

Suddenly, two men with guns burst in demanding money, an increasingly common occurrence in Detroit at the time.

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Since that moment, I’ve set out to sample cholents from around the world.

Given my family’s long history with the dish, it’s not surprising that my love affair with cholent started at a young age.

I grew up eating my mother’s cholent every Shabbat, even in the summer.

I was a picky eater as a child, but cholent was one thing I always liked.

When I was 5, having one of my first sleepovers at a friend’s, her mother called mine in a panic at dinnertime: “Devorah says she only wants to eat cholent. ” As a child, I knew only the most traditional Ashkenazi version of the dish.

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