Antwerp city dating

The tower is part of a larger renovation of the area directly around its base–the Keyserlei, which is the main pedestrian avenue that leads from Antwerp’s central train station–into the center of the city.

It is outfit with terrazzo floors, and mirrored ceilings and columns, to maximize visual space.

Architect and client have made it a celebration and do not burden their guests with "wine from the bottom of the supermarket shelves." The IJhal exudes luxury and grandeur, and is an enrichment of Amsterdam, and a present for all Amsterdammers and the many tourists.’ The IJhal was officially opened in late 2016, and, for most visitors to the city by train or bus, is their first point of entry to Amsterdam.

Read more about the IJhal Read the full report of the jury The H’ House is situated in the south of the Netherlands, and was completed in early 2010.

It is a custom designed all glass home for two landscapists, who have created a formal garden behind the house, complete with parterres and sinuous topiaries.

Sliding glass panels allow access to the garden from the house’s living room.

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