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Please, help me translating this app to your language.You can do it by going to Please send me your feedback: [email protected] more Simple digital clock widget for your homescreen.NOTE: If your clock stops updating, exclude Clock Q from task-killer.NOTE: If you have trouble with installing (package-sign problem), uninstall previous version and install again from market.Remember: premature optimization is the root of all evil.So only optimize when you are sure (=have measured it) that your implementation is slow/inefficient.Don't forget however to initialize your Text View beforehand (to current system time) since it is likely you will pop your UI in the middle of a minute and the Text View won't be updated until the next minute happens.

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If you need some additional functionality, just take a look at the source code for those and make any changes you need.

The power of this widget is in variety of customization options.

In my article last week, I provided examples of a number of Android widgets that help users monitor and toggle their settings (including Wi Fi, battery, brightness, data, gps, etc.).

That said, a more efficient method would probably be to record start time via Updating the system clock is not like updating a chronometer.

We talk about the time changed on the minute (system clock minute and 00 seconds). It's not only overkill, but you must resort to some tricks to make it right. update a Text View showing the time as HH:mm) is to use Broadcast Receiver like this : Broadcast Receiver _broadcast Receiver; private final Simple Date Format _sdf Watch Time = new Simple Date Format("HH:mm"); private Text View _tv Time; @Override public void on Start() @Override public void on Stop() The system will send this broadcast event at the exact beginning of every minutes based on system clock.

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