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The fight began earlier this year as part of a federal grand jury proceeding in the Eastern District of Virginia.

The government issued a subpoena seeking a vast array of information from Signal, the encrypted-communications app launched by OWS.

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But in far too many cases across the country, the government appears to have reversed the presumption that the First Amendment establishes, opting to keep secret information about its demands for private data where transparency is required and would serve the public good.Today—after getting the government to back down on one of these recent secrecy overreaches—the ACLU and our client, Open Whisper Systems (OWS), are publishing a series of documents that help illuminate just how much the exception has become the rule in American courtrooms and law enforcement.Indeed, that they are public at all is remarkable by itself.” “There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you! ” “I hope you know CPR cause you take my breath away!

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