Absolute dating methods anthropology

For comparison, the viscosity of glycerine (a viscous fluid) at room temperature is 15 poise (the unit of viscosity), compared with 0.01 for water and 1.8 × 10 have molecules envisaged as being locked together by springlike elastic forces.

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Rather, the solid gradually deforms and attains its steady-state deformation only after a significant period of time. Conversely, the sudden application of a fixed deformation to such a material produces initial stresses that can be very large; these stresses then slowly relax to a steady-state value as the material accommodates itself to the applied deformation.The simple classification of materials as solids, liquids, or gases can now, on the basis of correlating submicroscopic structure with mechanical properties, be expanded into a more sophisticated set of structural types, as follows: have randomly moving molecules that do not attract one another, whose velocity is dependent upon the gas temperature, and that collide as if they were elastic spheres of negligible volume.These assumptions are the basis of the kinetic theory of gases, which predicts that the product of the pressure and the volume, divided by the absolute temperature, is a constant.Such a procedure is known as a stress-relaxation test.The physical reasons for this behaviour are too complex to be explained by any simple molecular model.

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