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Which means that for 4 minutes, you can't even talk to them.This doesn't just affect my mod, it affects *everything* related to that NPC other than just killing them.

For now, I have no intention of worrying about any mods that may or may not modify the default Skyrim perk system.

If you pass the Follower's check, the 3-way is played.

If you fail the follower check, you incur the 12 hour CD with your follower, but you can still just have a 2-way with the NPC you had already chatted up.

So while my mod doesn't cause this, given the nature of my mod and some people playing really bastard characters ( Also, certain other overriding scripts and/or factions may take over even if the shout succeeded.

For instance, guards will auto-agro you if your bounty is really high, so don't think you can go on a killing spree in town then just use the 'Submit Shout' to make them ignore you.

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